Tag Your Stuffs


A social app that allows you to easily tag, track, share & find your and your friends' stuffs.

Stuffiee is at its very heart, a closet that doesn’t run out of space.

With Stuffiee, you can keep all your stuff cataloged and ‘find-able’. You want to find that gorgeous blouse you wore on your friend’s birthday, just tap on Stuffiiee. Forgot where you put that old fishing rod? Just tap on Stuffiee.

Stuffiee can also help you ‘share’ the stuff you have with your friends and family. Want to show off that brand new bike you’ve just bought? Just tap on Stuffiee.

What else do you need to look for? List of recommended restaurants for a date?

Get your stuff together and download Stuffiee now!

What's inside the Stuffiee

Photo Sharing

Snap your stuff and share. Show ‘em what you’ve got!

Social Connectivity

Stay connected. Make new friends. Network!

Categorized Photo

Sort ‘em out and make your stuff ‘findable’

Make Wishlist

What I want is…
more stuff!

Ambassador Wall

Get Ranked! Be an expert of your selected category.

Video & Voice Comment

New features in the market. Try it now!



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